AWARE Process

for Successful

Behavior Observations

Announce: Before you begin, make sure you let the person know you are observing. This initial contact sets the tone for the observation and resulting discussion.

What to Say: Giving someone notification of an Observation can be as easy as saying:

"Hello, I have been tasked with performing a safety observation. During the next 5 minutes I will be observing you while you perform your work assignment. When I am done, I would like to share my results with you. Your name will not be included in any of the observation results. Thank you in advance for your help."

Observer Questions: It is normal to wonder, "If they know I am there, they might do everything right." Wouldn't this be desirable? The main goal should be to help create new habits, not to catch a rule violator. This ‘Review’ will reinforce this.

However, if someone feels ambushed or spied on, how might trust be compromised? Make sure everyone you will observe, and even those nearby, is aware of the observation before you begin.